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Mailing lists are also called listservers, listserv (a specific software product), and email reflectors, the latter being perhaps the most descriptive term.  They are useful communication tools that offer members the opportunity to use email to post questions, suggestions, opinions, etc. to a large number of people simultaneously.  Stated simply, when you submit a question or other comment to a reflector mailing list, your submission is distributed to all the other people on said list.  Reflector mailing lists can be great fun and a wonderful source of information!

A Well Logger's List

The wireline mailing list is a forum for well loggers or logging engineers; log analysts; well logging equipment manufacturers, engineers, and repair technicians; equipment buyers, sellers, and brokers; well shooters; and anyone else interested in the art and science of well logging.  Anything and everything involving the logging and wireline industries is open for discussion, including logging technology, log interpretation, electronic design, tool repair, perforating, well shooting (including propellant technology), and on and on.  We are hosted by the popular Yahoo! Groups service, formerly eGroups.  Subscribe and join us using one of the links shown below.  Be sure to select the individual email option during the sign-up process for receiving group emails.

Common Sense Standards

The wireline mailing list is open to all, and it is moderated only to the extent necessary to prevent spam.  Please be polite, and of course avoid anything blatantly offensive. There are no other hard and fast rules.  There is no summary execution for "off topic" posts, but it is good web etiquette to insert "OT:" in the subject line (allowing those that so desire to set their email clients to filter such posts).  It is a good idea to prune text being replied to, leaving just enough to make the matter clear.  Many prefer reply posts at the top since it saves time when reading messages, but that is regarded as bad manners or confusing by others, so it is offered only as a suggestion.  Most veteran mailing list denizens prefer "plain text" posts, and may give newcomers grief over the use of "rich text" or html, but again, this is offered only as a suggestion.  It is important to avoid posting anything that could be construed as price fixing, though it is certainly acceptable to mention prices in other contexts not related to price fixing.

Group Home Page:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wireline
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