Perforating and Explosives

There are few problems that can't be solved with high explosives.--Anonymous

  Well Shooting Overview
  Lined Shaped Charge Jet Perforators
     The Life Cycle of Lined Shaped Charge Perforators
     A Brief History of Lined Shaped Charge Perforators
  Propellant Type HEGF Devices
(GasGun®, etc.)
  Tallini ShotTM

  Shooting Panels
  Shooting Continuity Meters
  Shooting CCL Surface Amplifiers
(with Safety Warning on Applied [AES] Panel)
  CCL Overview
  John Jordan's Electric Detonators Used in Wireline Operations
(pdf file)
  Owen on Exposed Detonator (Cap) Sealing (pdf file)
  1965 Gearhart-Owen, Inc. Expendable Perforator Table

Schematics and Printed Circuit Boards
Shooting Schematics (pdf files)
    Shooting CCL Meter / Amplifier Schematics (pdf files)

  Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs):     PCB Details and Photographs
    Casing Collar Locator (CCL) Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

  Complete Schematic / PCB List

Safety and Regulatory
  Titan's "Always and Never" Explosives Safety Sheet (2004 Version) (pdf file)
  Explosives and Radiation Safety (Link to Free Download of API RP 67)
  Regulatory Matters

Member Society of Petrophysicists & Well Log Analysts (SPWLA)Mineral & Geotechnical Logging Society (MGLS),
The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG),  International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE),
Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)Association of Energy Service Companies (AESC),
Health Physics Society (HPS), and Kentucky Oil & Gas Association (KOGA)
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Exercise extreme caution when working with explosives.  Stay alert and THINK; complacency kills!  Follow the guidelines in the American Petroleum Institute (API) Recommended Practice for Oilfield Explosives Safety (Second Edition), RP 67.

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