Service Tips

General Information
  High Voltage Regulators (Replace the Victoreen Corotron)
  Shipping Tips

Service Tips & Tricks
  A Word About O-Rings
  A Word About Tape
  A Word About RTV Silicones
  A Word About Optical Coupling Grease
  A Word About Solder
  A Word About Downhole Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design
  Cleaning Secrets Revealed
US Formulas for Completely Denatured Ethyl Alcohol / Ethanol

Tools and Test Equipment
  Oscilloscope / Test Equipment Menu
  Tools and Stuff We Like
Test, Repair, and Research Equipment
     Mini Lathe and Coil Winders
     Magnet Chargers
  Dummy Lines

Downhole Tool Information
  High Count Rates
  Anti-Coincidence Considerations
  Line Driver Notes
  High Voltage Woes
  High Voltage Tips & Tricks
  Downhole Low Voltage Power Supplies
  GO/MLS COSMOS Tool Notes
  Gamma Ray Scintillation Detector Calibration
  Neutron Tool Calibration
  Dummy Lines / Logging Cable (Wireline) Characteristics
  Single Conductor Logging Cable (Electric Wireline) Data
  Cable Reheading Made Simple
  Casing Collar Locator (CCL)
  Paul Knight's Care and Feeding of SIE Cement Bond Tools

Components and Materials
  AnaLog's IC "Chip" Identification
  ECG / NTE / SK Replacement Semiconductors
AnaLog's Mil Spec Resistor Data
  Standard EIA Decade Resistor Values Table
  Ceramic Capacitors
  Logging Equipment Op Amps
(Or How I Learned to Love the CA3140)
AnaLog's Handy Zener Diode List
AnaLog's Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) List and Manufacturers Links
  Temperature Sensors
  SIE Transformer Identification
  Vehicle and Rig Battery Trivia
  Incandescent Indicator / Pilot Light Trivia
  Downhole Plastics, Composites, and Ceramics
  Surplus Electronics

Wire, Tubing and Connectors
  Teflon Wire Trivia
  Teflon Tubing Trivia
  NIMS Bin Trivia
  MS Cylindrical Connector Trivia
  Surface Wiring Color Codes
  Downhole Wiring Color Codes and Tool Connector Pinouts

Schematics and Printed Circuit Boards
  Schematics Menu (pdf files)
  Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)     PCB Details and Photographs
  Complete Schematic / PCB List

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