Explosives and Radiation Safety

If you see me running, you better catch up.--Syd H. Levine (and other assorted nuts)


  API RP 67, Recommended Practice for Oilfield Explosives Safety,
  2nd Edition / May 2007
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  Titan's "Always and Never" Explosives Safety Sheet (2004 Version)

  John Jordan's Electric Detonators Used in Wireline Operations (pdf file)

  DOE M 440.1-1 (Pantex) Explosives Safety Manual (large pdf file)

  The Tallini Tales of Destruction Series


  Radioactive Cheat Sheet

  Health Physics Society (HPS) (External Link)

  The Radiation Information Network (External Link)

  The RSO ToolBox (External Link)

  Cardinal Surveys Glossary (External Link)

  Cardinal Surveys Radiation Safety Pages (External Link)

  IEM (Radiation Safety Links) (External Link)

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