Nuclear Logging

  The Gamma Ray Log
  The Neutron Log
  Radioactive Tracer Survey (RTS or RATS)
  Temperature, Radioactive Tracer, and Noise Logging for Injection
      Well Integrity
EPA/600/R-94/124, July 1994 by Dr. R.M. Mckinley at Exxon (large pdf file)

  Logging Rules of Thumb (or Rule of Thumbs)
  Cable Reheading Made Simple
  Radioactive Tracer Survey - Shallow Well Procedure
  Simultaneous Gamma Ray / SIE Cement Bond Logging

Well Logging Sealed Sources
  The Sealed Source Exchange
  A Word About Sealed Sources
  Californium-252, AmBe Substitute?
  NRC Status of Well Logging Sealed Sources
  DOT / IAEA Certificates of Competent Authority
(External Link - RAMPAC)

Other Radiation Stuff
  Radioactive Cheat Sheet
See their links to just about anything about radioactivity. (External Link)

Equipment / Components
  High Voltage Regulators (Replace the Victoreen Corotron)
  High Voltage Woes
  High Voltage Tips & Tricks
  Downhole Low Voltage Power Supplies
  Line Driver Notes
  High Count Rates
  Anti-Coincidence Considerations
  GOI Calibration Notes
  GO / GOI / MLS COSMOS Tool Notes
  NIM Trivia
  Al Biggs' Magical Stat Eliminator

  AnaLog's Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) List
  Logging Equipment Op Amps
(Or How I Learned to Love the CA3140)
  Gamma Ray Scintillation Detector Calibration
For Hardcore Techies
  Neutron Tool Calibration For Hardcore Techies
  Old Victoreen Tubes Catalog Including Corotron Tubes (large pdf file)

Service Tips & Tricks
  A Word About O-Rings
  A Word About Tape
  A Word About RTV Silicones
  A Word About Solder
  A Word About Optical Coupling Grease
  A Word About Downhole Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design
  Cleaning Secrets Revealed
See Also Service Tips

Equipment Photographs
  Selected 106 Radiation Tool Photographs
  Nuclear Tool Calibrator Photographs
  GO Single Tube Gamma Ray / CCL Tool

  Printed Circuit Board Details and Photographs

Safety and Regulatory
  Explosives and Radiation Safety
  Regulatory Matters

Schematics and Printed Circuit Boards
    Radiation Tool Schematics
(pdf files)
    Gadgets & Gizmo Schematics (Stat Eliminator) (pdf files)

  Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs):     PCB Details and Photographs
    106 Radiation Tool™ Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
    Gadget and Gizmo Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

Need information not covered here?  Just ask and we will try to find it for you.

Some 106 Radiation Tool™ PCBs (In scintillation gamma-ray / CCL tool.)

106LVPS-1 Low Voltage Supply, 106LD-5 Line Driver, 106BK-2 Bond Kill, 106DR-2 Divider, 106PD-3 Preamp

106CCL-1 CCL Amplifier, 106HVPS-5 High Voltage  Supply, 106HVRF-1 HV Filter / Regulator with Codatron
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