High Voltage Woes

For several decades nuclear logging tools have relied on Victoreen Corotron glass high voltage diode shunt regulator tubes.  Unfortunately, even before Victoreen was chopped up and sold, they had discontinued production of these units, and there is no second source.  Curiously, two different Victoreen sales people told us they were still selling fairly large numbers of the Corotron tubes when the decision to discontinue production was handed down.  These devices contain small quantities of radioactive materials to set the regulated voltage; perhaps the regulatory costs (and nightmares) played a part in the decision.  AnaLog Services, Inc. has a quantity of Victoreen Corotron high voltage regulators in stock, earmarked for repair of customer's tools, but we also have the modern replacement device discussed below.  See this old Victoreen Tubes Catalog (large pdf file) for reference material on the obsolete Corotron tubes.

AnaLog has come to the rescue and now markets the extended temperature range Codatron HT™ (formerly called the TitanTwo) and the low temperature coefficient (TC) Codatron HTZ™ solid state high voltage regulators, Victoreen Corotron replacements designed by Robert L. Baer.  These regulators are specifically intended for use in well logging tools, but they can replace the Victoreen Corotron in a host of other applications as well.  Our Codatron family of regulators are two lead devices and are direct "drop in" replacements for the Corotron.  See our Codatron Regulator Family Overview for more detailed information and access to technical data sheets.

The loss of the Victoreen Corotron regulator is only one of the problems we face in keeping old nuclear logging tools in service.  The high voltage power supplies in these tools almost all rely on a proprietary transformer of one kind or another and those special transformers are not always readily available.  The high voltage transformer for the GO COSMOS tools is no longer available from HLS as a prime example.  Needless to say, this is a frustrating situation.  Fortunately, Analog has most of these proprietary high voltage transformers in stock for repair of our customer's tools, including the difficult to find Bell, Comprobe, GO / GOI / MLS, Pengo, and SIE transformers.  We also manufacture an inexpensive high voltage power supply that utilizes a readily available off-the-shelf transformer (see our High Voltage Related Printed Circuit Boards page for details).

Also see High Voltage Tips & Tricks, or Contact us if you need more information or service.

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