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  CEDCC Component Database
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  AnaLog's Mil Spec Resistor Data (With Links to Mil Spec Documents)
  Standard EIA Decade Resistor Values Table
  1% Resistor Color Codes
  Sam's Resistor Calculator
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  Carbon Composition Resistor Table
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Capacitors & Inductors
  Ceramic Capacitors
  SIE Transformer Identification
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  Coil Winding Tips
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  Custom Electronics, Inc.
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  High Voltage Regulators (Replace the Victoreen Corotron)
  ECG / NTE / SK Replacement Semiconductors
AnaLog's IC "Chip" Identification
  Logging Equipment Op Amps
(Or How I Learned to Love the CA3140)
  AnaLog's Handy Zener Diode List
  Vu-Data Semiconductor Tips
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  Chip Directory
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  American Microsemiconductor Semiconductor Tutorials
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Wire & Tubing
  Teflon Wire Trivia
  Teflon Tubing Trivia

Misc. Stuff
  A Word About O-Rings
  A Word About Tape
  A Word About RTV Silicones
  A Word About Solder
  A Word About Optical Coupling Grease
  Downhole Plastics, Composites, and Ceramics
  A Word About Downhole Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design
  Potter & Brumfield SL11DB, etc. Relays
(pdf file)
  SL11DA, SL11DB, SL11DC, SL11DD and SC Series Catalog Page
  Old Victoreen Tubes Catalog (large pdf file)
  Including Corotron High Voltage Regulators

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