Cement Bond Logging

General Information
  Cement Bond Logging Overview
  Cement Bond Log MIT?
  Some Cementing Problems

  Cement Bond Log Notes
  T2...The Easy Way
  Z-Axis Modulation / Workaround
  Simultaneous Gamma Ray / SIE Cement Bond Logging
  Dummy Lines
  Al Biggs' Magical Stat Eliminator
  Cable Reheading Made Simple

Service Tips & Tricks
  Paul Knight's Care and Feeding of SIE Cement Bond Tools
  A Word About O-Rings
  A Word About Tape
  A Word About RTV Silicones
  A Word About Solder
  A Word About Downhole Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design
  Cleaning Secrets Revealed
See Also Service Tips

Schematics and Printed Circuit Boards
    Cement Bond Tool Schematics
(pdf files)

  Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs):     PCB Details and Photographs
    Cement Bond Log Related Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

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