The schematics listed below are pdf files.  The Adobe Acrobat pdf scheme is the best thing we have found for transmitting schematics online, especially between different computing platforms.  The Adobe Acrobat Reader is free and available by clicking the link below (if you are unfamiliar with pdf files, try clicking on a schematic first since the reader may already be installed on your machine).  The schematics may take from a few seconds to a minute or two to load, depending on connection speed.  As time permits, more schematics will be made available.


Logging Tools
  Casing Collar Locators
  Radiation Tools
  Temperature Tools
  Cement Bond Tools
  Caliper Tools

Surface Equipment
  Test Equipment
  Gadgets & Gizmos
(Stat Eliminator)
  Shooting CCL Meters / Amplifiers
  Dummy Lines

Shooting / Explosives
  Shooting Schematics
  Shooting CCL Meters / Amplifiers

*Complete Schematic List*


Logging Tools
  Casing Collar Locator (CCL)
  Nuclear Logging

  Temperature Logging
  Cement Bond Logging
  Caliper Logging

Surface Equipment
  Test and Research Equipment
  Al Biggs' Magical Stat Eliminator
  Shooting CCL Surface Amplifiers
  Dummy Lines

Shooting / Explosives
  Perforating and Explosives (menu)
  Shooting CCL Surface Amplifiers

These schematics and more are also available at the AnaLog FTP Site (anonymous browser access).  Visit ftp.logwell.com if you use a dedicated ftp program.  See the schematics subdirectory.

AnaLog Services, Inc. also has an extensive library of paper schematics and other technical documents.  Included in our collection is the entire historical original vellum / film schematic archive of Bell Petroleum Systems (formerly Worth Well Surveys) comprising thousands of documents covering over a half century.  We try to help anybody in need of documents we have, but we must charge enough to cover our costs.  However, we are always looking for schematics, manuals, etc. not in our library; so if you have something we need, perhaps we can do some horse trading.

Visit our Application Notes, our PCBs menu, and our PCB Details and Photographs menu.

AnaLog's Shooting CCL Meter PCB and CCL Beeper PCB


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