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Created 2009 ModLog Archive.
Updated copyright notices.
Changes to Schematic / PCB List.

Revised 106LD7.sch (pdf schematic).

Revised 106LD3.sch (pdf schematic).

Revised 106PD3.sch (pdf schematic).

Revised 106DR2.sch (pdf schematic).

Revised 106CCL1.sch (pdf schematic).

Revised 106LVPS3.sch (pdf schematic).

Added A Word About Downhole PCB Design.
Changes to Schematics (menu).
Changes to Service Tips (menu).
Changes to Caliper Logging (menu).
Changes to Nuclear Logging (menu).
Changes to High Temperature (menu).
Changes to Downhole Hardware (menu).
Changes to Temperature Logging (menu).
Changes to Cement Bond Logging (menu).
Changes to Casing Collar Locator (CCL) (menu).
Changes to Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) (menu).
Changes to PCB Details and Photographs (menu).
Changes to Electronic Component ID and Data Menu.
Changes to Application Notes.

Revised 106CCL3.sch (pdf schematic).

Revised 106LVPS1.sch (pdf schematic).
Revised 106LVPS2.sch (pdf schematic).

Revised 106LD4.sch (pdf schematic).

Revised 106AC1.sch (pdf schematic).

Revised 106BK2.sch (pdf schematic).
Revised CBLUBK4.sch (pdf schematic).

Revised CBLAmp1.sch (pdf schematic).

New country visiting in January:  Sierra Leone.
Revised 106LD5.sch (pdf schematic).

Revised 106CCL4.sch (pdf schematic).
Changes to List of Loggers.

Revised 106PD4.sch (pdf schematic).
Revised 106GMP1.sch (pdf schematic).

Revised 106PD1.sch (pdf schematic).

Revised 106HVPS6.sch (pdf schematic).
Revised VFC2e.sch (pdf schematic).

Added 106LD-7 Compact Single Xistor Line Driver PCB.
Changes to PCB Details and Photographs (menu).
Changes to Casing Collar Locator (CCL) PCBs (submenu).
Changes to Cement Bond Log Related PCBs (submenu).
Changes to Temperature Log Related PCBs (submenu).
Changes to High Voltage Related PCBs (submenu).
Changes to Caliper Log Related PCBs (submenu).
Changes to 106 Radiation Tool PCBs (submenu).
Changes to Schematic / PCB List.
Changes to A Word About Downhole PCB Design.

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