AnaLog Services, Inc. has no ownership interest in any of the listed companies (except for the few obvious exceptions).  Use of this list is entirely at your own risk.

Contact AnaLog Services, Inc. first if you are looking for either new or used logging equipment.  Visit our Products and Services & Capabilities pages to see how we may be able to help.

New Logging Equipment
Logwell Home Page
Applied (Now a Sondex Company)
(New Truck Bodies)
Cedar Bluff Group
Century Geophysical
Custom Bodies
(New Truck Bodies)
Delta Epsilon
Delve Technologies
DynaWinch Industries Ltd.
(Trucks, Masts, etc.)
Eclipse Wireline
Elmar Services, Inc.
(2005 Resurrection)
Guardian Global Technologies
(Was Maxim)
Hotwell (Based in Austria)
International Equipment
Kerr Measurement
(Wireline Depth and Tension)
Lee Specialties Ltd.
Linear Measurements, Inc.
Madden Systems
Mount Sopris
Probe Technology
Robertson Geologging
Scientific Data Systems, Inc. / Warrior
(Now Owned by GE)
Spartek Systems
Synergy Industries
(New Truck Bodies)
(Titan) (AnaLog Sells Tek-Co Tools)
Texas Wireline Mfg. (New Truck Bodies)
(AnaLog Sells Titan Tools)

Used Logging Equipment
Logwell Home Page
See:  Products and Capabilities
Syd H. Levine and Sheryl Carrico
(270) 276-5671   Fax: (270) 276-5588
Reynolds Station (Fordsville), Kentucky
Contact us first!
E-mail and Other Contact Info

AAERO  (Formerly WIDCO)
AnaLog Services, Inc.
AnaLog has acquired the AAERO / WIDCO inventory.
E-mail and Other Contact Info

Burrco (Formerly Petro-Equipment, Inc.)
Pat Burr
(304) 472-8753   Fax: (304) 472-0829
Buckhannon, WV
Also offering heavy duty GO style jumpless 14 inch aluminum sheaves.  Other sizes and accessories available.
E-mail:  burrco@cebridge.net

Synergy Industries (Formerly Bentley Services)
W.R. "Ray" Valentine
(817) 295-1161   Cell: (281) 380-2882
Burleson, Texas
E-mail:  rvalentine@synergylp.com

Wireline Truck Fab & Equipment
Billy Smith
(830) 372-3626   Fax: (830) 379-8202
Seguin, Texas
We refurbish wireline units;
Billy can find you a truck or we can make your old equipment look like new.
E-mail: wireline@axs4u.net

Wiretek, Inc.
Hank Mayfield
(405) 495-4441   Fax: (405) 495 4446
Wheatland, OK
E-mail:  wiretek@flash.net

Wireline Cable Manufacturers
Rochester Corporation
Synergy Industries

AnaLog Services, Inc.  Fordsville, Kentucky
Syd H. Levine
(270) 276-5671   Fax: (270) 276-5588

E-mail and Other Contact Info

NORM-Rad Services  Graham, Texas
David Norman
(940) 549-6578   Fax: (940) 549-0362
Environmental and Radiation Services / Training
David has over 30 years of experience.

Support Consultants  DeLeon, Texas
Keith Moon
(254) 893-2088
Resolving Radiation Regulatory Problems
Addressing ATF and DOT Logging Hazmat Issues
Radiation Training
E-mail:  moonbase@cctc.net

Dr. R.M. "Mac" McKinley  Houston, Texas
THE leading expert on production logging; Dr. Mac is retired from EXXON, but does some consulting.

Perforating Supplies / Explosives
AECO - Austin (Dynawell Products)
Blasters Tool & Supply Co.
JRC (Halliburton)
(Non-explosive Cutting and Perforating)
(E-mail Only)
Titan (Shaped Charge Specialists)
Rick Tallini, Shooter
(419) 578-9644

Radioactive Tracer Material
Isotech  E-mail: Lynn Williams  (432) 689-8043
   Lynn is THE source for tracer material.
Mallinckrodt / Tyco


Lists of Links
University of Texas Reading Room

The Big Kids
Baker Atlas (Western Atlas)
Halliburton (HLS)
Reeves (BPB)

Oilfield Hangouts
The Energy Connection

Kentucky Sites
Kentucky Oil and Gas Association (KOGA)

Hancock County (A great place to live and work.)

Division of Oil and Gas (DOG)
Division of Blasting
Environmental & Public Protection Cabinet
Radiation Health & Toxic Agents Branch
Kentucky Geological Survey (KGS)
PTTC Midwest

Oilfield Auction Houses
Premier Auctioneers International
Kruse Asset Management
(Formerly Superior)
Network International (Online Auctions)

Government / Institutions
Society of Professional Well Log Analysts (SPWLA)
Mineral and Geotechnical Logging Society (MGLS)
Canadian Well Logging Society

Health Physics Society (HPS)

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
American Petroleum Institute (API)
Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC, was UIPC)
IOGCC Energy Education Clearinghouse
Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF/BATFE)
Defense Supply Center, Columbus (DSCC)
   (Military Specs, Standards, and More)
DOD Single Stock Point (DODSSP)
   (Consolidated Military Specs and Standards)
Department of Energy (DOE)
Department of Transportation (DOT)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
EPA UIC Branch (Region V)
National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC)
Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

Obviously, this list could go on for pages (given the propensity of government to expand).  We have attempted here to provide only truly useful links, but we have undoubtedly overlooked some good ones.  Please suggest any links you have found beneficial and we will include same.

Tales of Destruction
Amazing Nitroglycerin Stories

Scarce Electronics Components

Poor Boy Supply Co.
Pump Parts / Oilfield Supplies

If you are not included on this page and should be, please  contact us.

FTC Disclosure: Neither AnaLog Services, Inc. nor the author has an economic interest in any of the companies listed above (except for the obvious exceptions).  There are no paid links on this page, though small gifts have been received from time to time from a few companies (advertising coffee mugs, advertising calendars, etc.).  Many, but not all, of the above companies have done business with Analog Services, Inc. in one capacity or another.

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