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The main thrust of this website is to provide information about well logging, but Poor Boy Supply Co. (PBS), a "sub domain", provides information about downhole pumps and oil production.  A second sub domain, the Tallini Tales of Destruction, contains amazing historical nitroglycerin stories.  The organization of www.logwell.com is one of simple hierarchal menus listing the various webpages contained herein.  To get a feel for the layout / structure of this website, see the AnaLog Site Map and the PBS Site Map.

There is nothing complicated about navigating www.logwell.com.  For starters, try the navigation bars at the bottom of all pages (also to the left on the home page).  The navigation bars will always get you back to the menu(s) that covers the page you are on, and to the home page.  In addition, menu pages have a more complete navigation bar.  Pages are hyperlinked to each other, and to outside pages, throughout the site.  Hyperlinks are generally blue, changing to violet once visited, except on a few pages where the background necessitates a different color scheme.  Usually, external links are so identified.

Most of the interesting technical material can be found starting at the AnaLog Technical Stuff & Tips (Tech & Tips) or the Poor Boy Supply Co. Technical Stuff & Tips (Tech & Tips) menus.  Our Subject Index or Page Title Index can help you find pages relating to specific areas of interest, and our internal search engine Full Search page can be used for more detailed research..  Selected pages have a "Quick Search" feature as can be seen below (Quick Search uses "or" logic and a short search output format by default, while Full Search is more versatile).

We periodically add new pages; check the Modifications Log (ModLog) from time to time to keep up with what is new.  Also see What's New for announcements and press releases.

Finally, we have tried to list specific pages on menus in a meaningful manner, and we have attempted to index important key words.  We have tried to create a useful website with robust cross referencing and multiple listings of pages, but quite frankly keeping up with all the intertwined material on a site with several hundred pages of arcane technical content can be a bit mind numbing.  It is inevitable that our menu structure or our indexing will be problematic for some users, or for some specific item a user may be seeking.  We urge you to "browse" or "surf" www.logwell.com to your heart's content; you may be surprised, angered, or even pleased with some of the material you find here.  And if you find a page that is not on a menu where you think it should be, just let us know and we will fix it (or at least consider it).

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