I would like to introduce myself and my company.  I have been involved in the oil business for many years, previously principally in production and regulatory consulting.  More recently, I became involved in well logging activities, originally to be able to log area oil wells, and to prove UIC mechanical integrity of injection wells.  I regularly haunted the many wireline auctions that followed the 1986 oil price collapse, accumulating considerable quantities of logging equipment.  Having a childhood electronics background, I began working on said equipment myself, and from time to time, I repaired equipment for a few nearby wireline companies.

What started out as a sideline has grown into a full time activity and much more.  AnaLog Services, Inc. now has customers all over the world.  In the spring of 1999, AnaLog moved into its new state-of-the-art shop and research facility, and launched this website.  Eventually, I left the production end of the oil business completely.  The purpose of this page is to let you know about us, and what we may be able to do for you.  See About logwell.com for some website trivia and a few navigation suggestions.

Service Work

A partial list of our Services and Capabilities is available on the page so named.  We do everything from simple repairs to complete remanufacturing of tools and panels.  Our rates are competitive, downright low when compared to our principal competitors.  We will refer you to other competent facilities if we ever feel they can serve you better.  We stock numerous hard to find and discontinued repair parts such as D5K1s, nuvistors, Victoreen Corotrons, mil spec latching relays (SL11DB and others), and other exotica too numerous to list.  Our repair parts inventory has grown to many thousands of line items.  We attempt to accommodate emergency repairs whenever humanly possible, day or night.


We have new ( Tek-Co and Titan) tools and reconditioned used tools and panels for sale.  We are fully equipped to do small quantity manufacturing of custom tools and panels.  We rebuild old tube and nuvistor tools, substituting solid state circuitry, for a fraction of the cost of a new tool.  And if we do not have what you need, we can usually suggest places to look for tools and panels that can save you money.  See our Products page for a sampling of what we have to offer.  A sister company, ScarceComponents.com can help you find obsolete and hard-to-find semiconductors, passives, and electromechanical items.  We even manufacture and sell solid state Codatron High Voltage Regulators to replace the old Victoreen Corotrons.


We offer consulting services (ATF, NRC, etc.) including customized record keeping forms.  We can also refer you to outside experts, if you are in deep regulatory trouble.  We give training (especially involving cement bond logging), but a phone call often solves problems.  There is never a charge for telephone consultation.  If you are logging to prove regulatory compliance (injection well integrity, etc.), we may be able to help you deal with the bureaucrats.


Traditionally, companies in our industry have not been very forthright in sharing information, even schematics.  But for the kindness of Paul Knight and a few other members of the wireline industry, I would not be in this business.  I have therefore elected to adopt a business model where we share what we have learned even though it is probably sometimes to our economic detriment.  On this website you will find all sorts of technical information and tips and tricks and even scores of schematics of useful circuits.  We have even established a forum for the free exchange of information, the Wireline Reflector Mailing List.  While I have been criticized by a few industry players for making too much information easily available to potential competitors, I have on balance made many more friends than enemies with this policy.

We look forward to working with you.  Keep us in mind and contact us if we can be of service.

Syd H Levine, President
AnaLog Services, Inc.

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