Free Computer Generated Log Headings

Some years back, we designed computer generated log headings, pigtails, and log tails for a number of different log types.  These were intended for use with logs done on analog recording equipment, but with a professional "digital" look.  All were created with Word 97, and are form templates with drop-down and text fields; they work fine with Word 2000.  Included on this page are a couple of examples (these may not reproduce well here, but they look very good on paper).

Copies of the templates are available free of charge if you have a need for them, and you have the patience to modify them to suit your needs.  Download them now in "zip" format from this page (easiest option).  The log headings, pigtails, and log tails are copyrighted material; you must read and follow the directions in the Read Me.doc file before using or modifying the templates.

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