Some Opinions on Used Equipment

I am frequently asked my opinion on used equipment.  Such advice is always free around here, though there is some question about the price being excessive.  If you are looking for new or used logging equipment contact Analog Services, Inc. first and/or last; we may be able to save you time and money.  If you are looking for new tools, we sell and service some of the best; see New Downhole Well Logging Tool Sales for details.

Radiation Tools

It is difficult to say which of the old cased hole radiation tools is best.  All things considered, you will not go wrong with the GO / MLS COSMOS radiation tools.  Comprobe's "105" design is excellent, but the execution is less than excellent (the main problems being the poorly laid out circuit boards, the screwball board retention clips, and depending on age, a possibly bad CCL amplifier circuit).  Many Bell Petroleum Systems (BPS) / Worth Well Surveys and Pengo tools are still in use, but it has been suggested that the switching low voltage power supply in these tools is unnecessarily complicated (AnaLog Services, Inc. now has a huge stock of repair parts for Bell / Worth Well tools).  SIE transistor gamma ray tools are decent, except when configured as scintillation detector tools.  As a general rule, stay away from tube and nuvistor tools at this late date (nuvistor tools are still serviceable if the price is right, and they are good candidates for a solid state upgrade, especially those with solid state high voltage power supplies like the GOI 02-92000 nuvistor tools).

Line Power Modules

SIE line power modules are a safe bet.  The classic GO line power module will not read over 100 milliamps in stock configuration, nor will its stock CCL circuit behave properly with bond tools (we frequently modify GO line power modules to read to 200 milliamps, and to work properly with bond tools by adding a low pass CCL filter).  Be wary of the accuracy of voltage and amperage readings on all old line power modules unless they have been recently checked or calibrated.

Rate Meters

In rate meters, it is a choice between the GO / MLS RMM 210 if you favor analog meters (we frequently add Bond Gate and the Stat Eliminator circuit to GO rate meters) and the SIE digital rate meter if you prefer digital meters.  Stay away from old Comprobe, Bell, and Pengo rate meters if you can, though all will certainly do the job.

Temperature Panels

There is only one choice in temperature panels, the digital SIE module.  The darn thing is so versatile, it can be configured to read out hole diameter with caliper tools.  It will work with all temperature tools.

There are many less than totally honest folks selling used equipment.  Think about having a qualified neutral third party check the used equipment you are considering.  AnaLog Services Inc. has acted as "escrow agent" in many used equipment deals.

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Last 07-29-03