Schematic and Manual Availability

Few things are more annoying than not being able to obtain documentation for old logging tools and surface equipment.  Over the years a few manufacturers have refused to supply schematics to subsequent owners of equipment they manufactured.  This is an unacceptable practice and should not be tolerated by the industry.  Others are simply impossible to deal with.  Even before Halliburton closed the doors at MLS, getting an old schematic or manual from them was next to impossible.  And now that Weatherford has acquired Precision / Computalog, they have announced a policy of "no service, no parts, no schematics" (email from Weatherford).

Several manufacturers have a bad attitude about supplying documentation to independent repair facilities.  Again, this is an unfair practice and the industry should not tolerate it.

We would never suggest that manufacturers have a duty to furnish free schematics to one and all.  But, they should be willing to sell schematics at a reasonable price, a price that would allow them to make a profit from the endeavor.

AnaLog Services, Inc. has an extensive library of schematics and other technical documents.  Included in our collection is the entire historical original vellum / film schematic and mechanical drawing archive of Bell Petroleum Systems (formerly Worth Well Surveys) comprising thousands of documents covering over a half century.  We try to help anybody in need of documents we have, but we must charge enough to cover our costs.  However, we are always looking for schematics, manuals, etc. not in our library; so if you have something we need, perhaps we can do some horse trading.

See our Schematics and our Application Notes on this website.

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Last 07-12-08