Surface Electronics

AnaLog Services, Inc can build, repair, modify, and calibrate most well logging surface electronics.  We can usually restore surface panels and NIMS modules so they look "good as new" (see the reconditioned and modified GO NIMS modules below), and we make them work better than new!  See our Products menu page for a sampling of some products we sell, and see our Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) page.  The following is only a partial list highlighting some of our capabilities with respect to surface electronics.

Line Power Modules

AnaLog can repair or replace analog meters, and digital LED, plasma (SIE neon), and LCD displays, including "blacked out" LCDs so common on Bell / Worthwell and Pengo equipment.  We can add or modify CCL filtration, passive or active, making GO and Bell line power modules work with cement bond tools without the unacceptable CCL pen flutter.  On GO line power modules, we can add a "x2" switch to allow meter readings up to 200 milliamps rather than the limiting stock 100 milliamps (this can be a separate switch or a combined function in the "High-Low" switch).  We can add "dummy lines" when necessary.  We can add a "fooler" circuit to allow older fixed voltage line power modules to work with newer variable voltage 300 volt downhole power supplies.  We can even added line audio and collar beeper circuits for customers.

300 Volt Power Supplies

AnaLog can repair and adjust all 300 volt power supplies (we stock the hard to find MC1466 voltage regulator chip).  We can convert old fixed voltage 300 volt supplies to the newer variable voltage style and vice versa.

Rate Meters

AnaLog can repair or replace meters and digital displays, including dark LCDs.  We calibrate rate meters like nobody else in the business.  We can add the SIE style Stat Eliminator to most rate meters, including GO models.  We can add "Bond Gate" to GO / MLS rate meters for use with SIE style cement bond systems.  We can repair time constant problems with GO rate meters (we stock replacement capacitors superior to the stock MTP timing capacitors that fail so regularly).

Cement Bond Panels

AnaLog offers a number of modifications to enhance SIE style cement bond panels in addition to repair and calibration services.  We often add a nifty front panel trigger indicator LED.  We can add a x5 amplitude recorder output.  We can add a Stat Eliminator or our own proprietary active filter and halve the value of the integration capacitor, resulting in ameliorated detail in the amplitude curve (the collar signature in free pipe is dramatically improved).  Our proprietary active filter (but not a Stat Eliminator) can be similarly added to improve travel time curve detail.  We have added ten-turn potentiometers to bond panels in those positions where the factory cut corners.  We can normalize the scope traces based on your truck conditions (the truck usually must be at our facility for this adjustment).


AnaLog can solve most recorder problems.  On GO recorders we can often improve performance and eliminate erratic pen response by simply cleaning the feedback potentiometer and lubricating it with the original Beckman factory specified grease.  We stock the difficult to find Solitron BHA-0004 amplifier module used in the old GO recorder servo channels (we also manufacture the BHA-0004 Clone shown below).

BHA-0004 Clone PCBs

Three Solitron BHA-0004 amplifier module clone boards under construction are shown at left.  These AnaLog Services, Inc. clone boards replace the no longer manufactured BHA-0004s.


If it goes in a logging truck, we can probably repair, or modify and improve it to meet your needs.

GO LPM 203 Line Power Module and GO RMM 210 Rate Meter Module Reconditioned and Enhanced with AnaLog's Modifications

AnaLog's Shooting CCL Meter PCB and CCL Beeper PCB

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