Repair Miniature Motor Stock

This list is for reference purposes only; it is not a resale stock list.  However, some items on this list are available in sufficient quantities for sale.

Many different miniature motors have been used in logging tools over the years.  Globe Motors has manufactured many gearmotors used in calipers and various other motorized tools.  Globe is experienced in military and aerospace applications and has been able to provide motors capable of surviving downhole conditions (at staggeringly high prices).  Present Globe management refuses to sell repair parts, a disgusting change in policy and an inexcusable way to treat customers spending hundreds of dollars on what amounts to a tiny little glorified slot car motor.  Globe insists motors / gearmotors be returned to them for a costly evaluation to determine if said motor can even be repaired.  AnaLog Services. Inc. has accumulated a good stock of repair parts as well as complete assemblies.  We routinely rebuild a wide variety of miniature motors.

Our stock includes many different miniature motors and gearmotors from several manufacturers.  The following is a partial listing:

Globe M43M8 (43A149-3) 0.875", 27 Volt, 733:1 Reduction (Rear Solder Terminals) Gearmotor
(Fits GO/GOI/WR 1-1/4 inch calipers and small Comprobe calipers.)

Globe M43M8 0.875", 27 Volt Rear Solder Terminals Replacement "-3" Motor (No Gear Box)
(Fits various Globe SS series gearmotors used in small calipers and ejector tools.)

Globe ~M43M10 (43A150-13) 0.875", 27 Volt, 1,108:1 Reduction Gearmotor
(Fits GO/GOI/WR 1-1/4 inch calipers and small Comprobe calipers.)

Globe 5A3225 1.25", 75 Volt Gearmotor
(Fits GO/MLS/Halliburton X-Y calipers.)

Globe 102A728 1.50", 115 Volt Gearmotor

Globe 317Axxx and 319Axxx 1.25" (Cover Off) / 1.26" Various Gearmotors
(Fits SIE calipers and other tools.)

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