Repair Chopper / Vibrator Stock

This listing is for reference purposes only; it is not a resale stock list.  However, some items on this page are available in sufficient quantities for sale.

Our stock includes many mechanical Chopper / Vibrator assemblies that fit old well logging electronics.  These are the same type devices that were used in "antiquity" in automobile car radios, making it possible to use a transformer to step up the car battery voltage to levels usable with old vacuum tube electronics.  If you are old enough, you may remember that peculiar hum emanating from the dash when the car radio was switched on.  These mechanically chopped power supplies are the predecessors of today's switched mode power supplies that run every personal computer ever made, and countless other electronic gizmos.

We have a small stock of several different replacement Chopper / Vibrator assemblies, but we have a large stock of the Cambridge Scientific Industries model 225A.

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