Hybrid Devices (Amplifiers, Voltage / Frequency (V/F) Converters, etc.)

This list is for reference purposes only; it is not a resale stock list.  However, some items on this list are available in sufficient quantities for sale.

Logging surface electronics manufactured prior to around 1990 utilized several hybrid modules.  The Analog Devices 451J hybrid V/F converter was particularly popular and is found in many surface panels, especially rate meters of various types.  In addition to V/F converters, there were a few hybrid amplifier modules also used in logging equipment.  The Solitron BHA-0004 5 watt amplifier, for example, was used in old GO recorder channels, and we stock them for repair of customer units.  These devices are all now obsolete, having been replaced with integrated circuit technology.

Our stock includes many hybrid voltage / frequency converters used in many different surface electronics panels.  The following is a partial listing:

Analog Devices 451J

Datel VFV-10K
Datel VFV-100K

Teledyne 4701

Our stock also includes a few hybrid amplifiers.  The following is a partial listing:

Solitron BHA-0004 (We also manufacture a BHA-0004 Clone.)

Teledyne Philbrick SQ-10A

Analog Devices 755N Log Amplifier

And we have accumulated the occasional oddball hybrid item as well:

Burr-Brown 4290 One Quadrant Divider

Burr-Brown 4291K Analog Divider

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