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For those weird jobs, AnaLog Services, Inc. can usually modify or design and build downhole tools and/or surface electronics to satisfy your customer's needs.  We have a huge reference library on logging technology, with special emphasis on cased hole logging.  Our collection of reference material on the demonstration of well mechanical integrity is unsurpassed.  We have worked extensively with special applications for temperature, tracer, spinner, bond, etc. logging.

Several of our "fun" modifications are mentioned elsewhere in these pages.  If you have never heard line audio, you are in for a treat.  Radiation tools sound like an old Geiger counter right out of a science fiction movie.  Temperature tools play a tune with the tones rising in pitch with temperature.  Listening to caliper motors open and close is actually very helpful in determining what is going on; you can hear the motor as it goes through its cycle, even hearing a difference as the load on the motor changes.

If you are having difficulties with cement bond logging with relatively short lines (less than say 10,000 feet), a dummy line can work miracles.  It has often been said that the cement bond log is the most difficult cased hole log to run.  With the right equipment, adjusted properly, they can be a pleasure to run.

See our Products menu page for a sampling of some products we sell, and see our Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) page.  If you have a special application, or any problem at all, feel free to call anytime, day or night.

Custom Line Mark Detector Box ( Norris, Kentucky)

Custom Shooting CCL Test Box

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