Test, Repair, and Research Equipment (NOT FOR SALE)

This page contains a very incomplete list of AnaLog Services, Inc. equipment.  Items for sale, machine tools, hand tools, etc. are not included here.  This is only a quick overview of our collection of "junk".


1  Tektronix DC 503 Universal Counter
1  Tektronix DC 503A Universal Counter
1  Hewlett Packard 5316B Counter
1  Hewlett Packard 5300A / 5302A Counter
1  Triplett 7500 Universal Counter
1  Baird Atomic Model 125 Scaler Ratemeter

Decade Boxes

1  Clarostat 240C Power Resistor Decade Box
1  General Radio 1433B Decade Resistor
3  Cornell-Dublier (RDA, B, C) Decade Resistors
1  General Resistor DA52-3 Dial-An-Ohm
1  Helipot T-10-A Precision Potentiometer
1  General Radio 219M Decade Condenser
1  Cornell-Dublier CDC5 Decade Capacitor
1  Eico Model 1150 R-C Combination Box
    Several Custom Decade Boxes


1  Silicon Forest Solutions FG-72 Function Gen.
1  Tektronix FG-502 Function Generator
1  Tektronix FG 504 Function Generator
2  Tektronix PG 506 Calibration Generator
1  Tektronix PG 508 50 MHz Pulse Generator
1  Tektronix SG 502 Oscillator
2  Tektronix SG 503 Sine Wave Generator
3  Tektronix TG 501 Time Mark Generator
1  Hewlett Packard 8111A Pulse Generator
1  Hewlett Packard 8005B Pulse Generator
1  Fordham FG-801 Sweep Function Generator
1  BK Precision 3022 Sweep Function Generator
1  Eberline MP-1 Mini Pulser
1  E&L Instruments PG1A Pulse Generator
1  General Radio 1398A Pulse Generator


1  Tektronix DM 501 Digital Multimeter
1  Tektronix DM 502 Digital Multimeter
1  Tektronix DM 511 Digital Multimeter
1  Triplett Model 630, Type 4 
(Analog Meter)
1  Fluke Model 45 DMM  (Bench Meter)
1  Fluke Model 77 DMM
1  Fluke Model 177 DMM
1  Fluke Model 187 DMM
3  Fluke Model 8000A DMM 
(Bench Meters)
1  Fluke Model 52 Thermometer
1  Wavetek 27XT DMM 
(Includes Inductance)
1  ECG CX-920 Capacitance
1  ECG CX-920A Capacitance
1  General Radio 1862-C Megohmmeter
1  B&K HV-6 High Voltage Probe
1  Hewlett Packard 34119A HV Probe
1  Custom High Voltage Probe Adapter
    Many Misc. Meters


1  Tektronix TDS2012 Scope
1  Tektronix 2465B Scope 
(Our New Favorite)
2  Tektronix 465B Scopes 
(Our Old Favorites)
3  Tektronix T922, T932A, T935A Scopes
    Many Tektronix T922R Scopes
(14.3 MB pdf file)
    Several Misc. Scopes (HP, TEK, etc.)
1  Heath IG-4505 Scope Calibrator (Modified)
1  Tektronix 011-0049-01 50W Termination
1  Tektronix 011-0059-02 50W 10x Attenuator
1  Tektronix Oscilloscope Calibration Setup

Power Supplies

2  Hewlett Packard E3612A Supplies
2  Power Designs Model 6050C Supplies
1  Power Designs Model 3650-S Supply
1  Trygon Model RS320-1.5 Supply
3  300 Volt Fixed / Variable Power Supplies
2  Canberra and Ortec HV Supply Modules
5  Variable Line Voltage Auto Transformers
2  Isolation Transformers
    Many Misc. Power Supplies
1  300 Volt Downhole Power Supply Tester
1  Pengo Power Supply Tester


1  Watanabe Servo 150 SR6511 Recorder
2  Hewlett Packard 680M Recorders

2  GO MRP-501 Recorders
1  Westronics Model EMV-252 Millivolt Source
1  Comprobe RSC-2 Calibration Box (Modified)
1  Custom Millivolt Recorder Calibrator

Testers, Component

1  Vu-Data Model 5110 Semiconductor Tester
1  Hickok Model 6000 Tube Tester
1  Custom Zener Diode Tester
1  Custom DPM Tester
1  Custom Plasma Display Tester
1  Custom Radiation Detector Tester
1  Custom High Voltage Regulator Tester

Calibration Equipment

API Units Gamma Ray Calibrator
API Units Neutron Calibrator
    Several Gamma Ray Check Sources
Neutron Check Source
    Several Density Calibration Blocks
2  Cement Bond Pressured Calibration Tanks
2  Temp. Tool Calibration Water Bath Setups
Custom RTD Calibrator / Simulator
1  Fluke 712 RTD Calibrator
Tracor-Northern TN-1705 MCA (External Link)
    Test Well 
(Also access to oil and injection wells.)

CCL Servicing Equipment

George Stevens 212-AM Coil Winder
Meteor ME301 Coil Winder
COWECO Model CS Coil Winder
7x12 Mini Lathes / Coil Winders
Azonic Tensioners and Dereelers
F.W. Bell 860 / 8625 Magnet Charger
3  Magnet Analyzers
Custom Shooting CCL Testers

Inspection / Fabrication Equipment

1  Stereo Boom Mount Microscope
1  AO Conventional Microscope
    Many Magnifiers of Various Types
1  Scott SM-300 Panel Engraver
    Several Label Makers
1  SpectraPure Custom DI Water System

NIM (NIMS) Equipment

5  Full Size Bins (Crates) with Power Supplies
3  Mini NIM Bins (Crates) with Power Supplies
3  GO LPM-203 Line Power Modules (Modified)
2  SIE Line Power Modules (Modified)
4  GO RMM 210 Ratemeters (Modified)
2  Pengo RM-203 Research Ratemeters
2  SIE Digital Ratemeters (Modified)
3  SIE Cement Bond Panels (Modified)
1  SIE Cement Bond Panel with 3'-5' Mod.
2  SIE Temperature Panels (Modified)
1  GO PGM 103 Pulse Generator (Modified)
2  Comprobe PG-1 Pulse Generators
1  NIM Bin/Crate Power Supply Tester
3  NIM and Slimline/Thinline Pinout Converters
    Several NIM "Cheater" Cables
    Many, Many Misc. Well Logging NIM Modules
    Many Scalers, Counters, Amps, SCAs, etc.
    Several Custom NIM Modules


1  Despatch PTC1-27 Tool Test Oven
1  RHEO-420-B High Temperature Chamber
1  Delta Design 6400 Environmental Chamber
1  Custom High Precision Alarming Controller
    Several Custom Test Ovens, Large and Small

Soldering Equipment

1  Hakko 937 Soldering Station
2  Hakko 936 Soldering Stations
1  Hakko 472D /807 Desoldering Station
1  Hakko 808 Desoldering Gun (Modified)
1  Hakko 493 Smoke Absorber
2  Hakko C1390C Omnivises
1  Weller EC2001 Digital Soldering Station
2  Weller D550 Soldering Guns
1  Ungar Hot Vac 2000A Desoldering Station
1  Esico-Triton Model 20 Solder Pot
    Many Misc. Soldering Guns and Pencils
    Several Hot Air Guns
    Several Panavise Bases, Vises, PCB Holders
    Several PCB Holder Fixtures

Wire Equipment

1  Tenma Cable Assembly Tester
1  Custom Cable Assembly Tester
1  Eraser ST1 Magnet Wire Stripper
3  Meisei HOTweezers Thermal Strippers
2  Teledyne Kinetics Stripall TWC-1 Thermal
1  Patco PTS-30 Thermal Stripper
    Several Tool Test Cables and Adapters
    Several Cable Breakout Boxes
    Several Misc. Terminators and Attenuators
    Miles of Test Cables, Adapters, and Probes

Miscellaneous Equipment

1  Tektronix AM 502 Differential Amplifier
2  SIE Cement Bond Simulator Boxes
1  Cement Bond Tool Isolator Tester Box
    Various Cement Bond Tool Test Fixtures
4  Custom Dummy Lines
1  Custom Precision Line Dummy Load Box
1  Line Audio Adapter and Speaker
2  Demagnetizers
    Several Tektronix T500/T5000 Mainframes
    Many Custom Items 
(A few shown below.)

The AnaLog Services, Inc. giant slide rule and a patch cable for every occasion.

Some of the many special adapters and test jigs fabricated and used by AnaLog Services, Inc.

Special custom shooting CCL test box built and used by AnaLog Services, Inc.

Also see our Test Equipment Menu, Tools and Stuff We Like, and Repair Parts Stock.

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