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AnaLog Services, Inc. can repair and/or modify most equipment manufactured by REMCo, SIE, Computalog, and just about every other brand of logging equipment ever made, and we have a huge inventory of repair parts in stock.  Under its various incarnations, SIE was one of the most prolific producers of well logging and wireline equipment for the independent market.  What follows is a brief history of REMCo / SIE / Computalog.

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In 1958, Marion Hawthorne left his position as chief engineer at Gearhart-Owen to found Radiation Engineering and Manufacturing Company (REMCo).  Within the first year of business, REMCo was building complete logging trucks, some for Gearhart-Owen.  Interestingly, REMCo produced a variety of products not related to well logging, including the first coin operated car wash.  In 1974, REMCo acquired Southern Industrial Equipment (SIE), the old Dresser instrument company, and would begin to use the familiar SIE logo.  Geosource acquired SIE in 1980, then Gearhart bought Geosource in 1985.  Anti-trust laws forced Gearhart to sell the SIE division to the Wood Group, a conglomerate based in the UK.  In 1988, Computalog, a Canadian company, acquired the Wood Group's interest in the US wireline industry...SIE, Pengo, and PMC.  Any history of SIE would be incomplete without the mention of Al Biggs, Vice President of the company.  Al was with REMCo / SIE from 1963 until his retirement in 1992, and was a true innovator.  In 1999, Computalog became a wholly owned subsidiary of Precision, and in 2005, Weatherford acquired Precision.  Weatherford's new policy is "no service, no parts, no schematics" (email from Weatherford).  This is a sad end to a grand old company, and yet another stab in the back for the independent well logging industry.

SIE headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Fort Worth, Texas, circa 1989.
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