Pengo Industries

AnaLog Services, Inc. can repair and/or modify most equipment manufactured by Pengo Industries, Inc. along with just about every other brand of logging equipment ever made.  We have a huge inventory of repair parts in stock.  Much of Pengo's equipment was very similar to Bell tools and panels because they shared common designers (B.F. Stout, et al.).  What follows is a brief history of Pengo Industries.

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In 1967, Gearhart-Owen Industries, Inc. bought Pengo Manufacturing.  The Pengo assets were to be sold in 1975, but the transaction was cancelled at the last minute.  In 1978, Marvin Gearhart and Harold Owen parted company.  Owen got the non-wireline part of the company which was spun off as Pengo Industries (he later founded Owen Oil Tools in 1983).  A non-competition covenant prevented Pengo from entering the wireline business or the logging supply business for three years starting in 1977.  But Pengo did eventually enter both businesses, producing well logging tools and surface electronics for its own logging stations, and for independents all over the world.  The 1986 crash in oil prices resulted in Pengo filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  The Wood Group eventually bought what was left of Pengo, and in 1988, Computalog acquired the Wood Group USA.  An independent logging company in Bakersfield, California continues to use the Pengo name.

Pengo Industries corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Fort Worth, Texas, circa 1982.
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