Casing Collar Locator (CCL) Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

AnaLog Services, Inc. is often asked to rewind casing collar locator (CCL) coils and to upgrade downhole CCL amplifiers, and to upgrade CCL surface equipment.  Over the years, we have developed a series of printed circuit boards (PCBs) using some of the best elements of the many designs out there.  The downhole CCL amplifiers listed below are high gain units capable of operating in low voltage tools or in tools operating on a 120 volt line.  106CCL-1 and CCL-2a are universal amplifiers suitable for many applications.  CCL-NCB is designed as a replacement amplifier for various older Comprobe tools with inferior amplifiers (pre TIP-120 designs), and is intended to be shrink wrapped in traditional Comprobe form (sometimes called the Comprobe "CCL in a bag").  CCLF1 is a low pass filter for installation in surface CCL processing equipment, and reduces the high frequency trash that sometimes cause problems with CCL logs (it is often installed with a switch whereby it can be selected in or out of the CCL processing circuitry as needed).  The Shooting CCL Meter and the CCL Beeper PCBs are excellent for new installations or for upgrades.  All PCBs listed below use readily obtainable components, which parts will continue to be available for many years to come.

Contact us if you have equipment needing an upgrade, or if you wish to obtain PCBs for your own project.  Click on the links in the "PCB" column for photos and additional data on the boards.

CCL Downhole Amplifier PCBs



Printed Circuit Board Description


CCL-2a  Rev. B




CCL-2a  Rev. B /
PS-2a  Rev. B







Downhole CCL Amplifier (TIP-120 Style)   2" Mounting

Downhole CCL Amplifier (TIP-120 Style)  2-1/8" Mounting

Compact Cascode Downhole CCL Amplifier (GO Style)

Downhole CCL Amplifier (SIE Style)   2" Mounting

Slim DH CCL Amp (TIP-120 Style)   Comprobe "Bag"

CCL Amp and Low Voltage Power Supply   3.5" Mounting
GO COSMOS Tool Upgrades   
See Application Note CCL-2

Shooting CCL Surface Equipment (Meter) PCBs

CCL Meter Rev. C

CCL Beeper Rev B



Shooting CCL Meter (SIE Style)   See AN CCL Meter

CCL Audible and Visual Indicator   See AN CCL Beeper

Surface Equipment Related PCBs



Low Pass CCL Filter for Surface Equipment (CBL, etc.)

Rewound Coil in Bell Logging CCL Retrofitted With AnaLog's 106CCL-1 Downhole CCL Amplifier PCB

Also see PCB Details and Photographs and Selected Casing Collar Locator (CCL) Photographs.

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