Bell / Worthwell Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

In December, 2001, AnaLog Services, Inc. acquired the remaining assets of Bell Petroleum Systems (BPS) a/k/a Bell Petroleum Services, formerly known as Worth Well Surveys.  Included in the acquisition is a huge inventory of repair parts, along with many bare and populated printed circuit boards (PCBs).  AnaLog is also the proud owner of the entire Bell / Worth Well documentation collection going back over a half century, comprising thousands of sheets of electronic schematics, mechanical parts drawings, and printed circuit board art work (original vellums and films).  For some Bell / Worthwell history, see Bell History and AnaLog.

Contact us if you wish to acquire any of the PCBs listed on the pages below.

o Bell Downhole Tool PCB Stock List

Bell Downhole Tool Index

Bell Downhole Tool PCB Index

o Bell Surface Electronics PCB Stock List

Bell Surface Electronics Index

Bell Surface Electronics PCB Index

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