Solitron BHA-0004 Amp Clone Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

AnaLog Services, Inc. is often asked to repair Gearhart (GO/GOI/MLS) recorders.  There are two styles of servo channels used in the solid state GO/GOI/MLS recorders; the older using an AC motor and the newer using a DC motor.  The older style servo channels (002-9853-000, 002-9853-001, 002-9853-002, and others used in the MRP-501 four pen recorder and variations thereof) have superior torque and also have a gain adjustment lacking on the newer style.  Unfortunately, the old style servos use a Solitron BHA-0004 hybrid amplifier long ago discontinued.  After it was discontinued, Gearhart manufactured a little printed circuit board (PCB) replacement unit for a few years.  We have copied and improved the Gearhart replacement PCB in order to continue to support these fine old recorders.  Our BHA-0004 Clone Amp PCB is a direct plug-in replacement for the original Solitron BHA-0004, complete with the long pins on the exact original equipment centers.  We also have a fairly large stock of actual Solitron BHA-0004 modules.

Contact us if you have servo channels needing repair, or if wish to acquire BHA-0004 Clone PCBs for your own use.

BHA-0004 Clone PCBs

Three Solitron BHA-0004 Amplifier Clone PCBs Under Construction

Also see PCB Details and Photographs.

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