UBK-4 Universal Bond Kill PCB

The UBK-4 Universal Bond Kill printed circuit board (PCB) is a bond kill circuit designed for use in most gamma-ray or gamma-ray / neutron tools to allow simultaneous gamma ray (or gamma-ray / neutron) and cement bond logging.  This design is a significant improvement over the SIE bond kill circuit, and was derived from a design used in the 1980s by CRC / Western.  The main output is a transistor switched ground during the bond kill interval, but positive and negative going pulse outputs are also available.  Timing resistors R4 and R8, and trigger pulse sensitivity setting resistor R6, are turret terminal mounted for ease of selection or change on a fastened board.  The UBK-4 PCB is jumper configurable to be compatible with either armor / chassis negative or armor / chassis positive line power. It requires a single 10-15 volt power supply and a connection to line to operate.  The UBK-4 PCB measures 0.8 inches wide and mounts on 3.5 inch centers.

The UBK-4 Universal Bond Kill PCB can be used to upgrade or repair tools, or it can be used in new tool construction.  It uses readily obtainable components, which parts will continue to be available for many years to come, and it uses convenient turret terminals for wiring connections.  Due to time constraints on maintaining this website, the PCB illustrated below may not be the most recent revision of the board and / or circuit.

UBK-4 Universal Bond Kill Board

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