BAMP-1 or 4091 Cement Bond Tool Amplifier PCB

The 4091 and BAMP-1 Cement Bond Tool Amplifier printed circuit boards (PCBs) are solid state receiver section amplifiers primarily designed to replace the Nuvistor amplifiers in older SIE cement bond logging tools, though they have other applications as well.  The 4091 was designed by Paul Knight when he was at OWLS and uses the old hybrid LH0002 buffer to drive the logging line.  It unfortunately requires tedious drilling and tapping and other modifications to mount in an SIE receiver cartridge (see photograph below).  The 4091 PCB mounts with four corner fasteners 5-5/8  by 7/8 inches apart.  We previously installed these and we still have many in stock, but the BAMP-1 is an improved solution.  Both amplifiers are dramatic improvements over the original Nuvistor amplifier, and both are loosely based on the solid state closed loop amplifier design developed by SIE / Computalog to replace said Nuvistor amplifier (the buffer is inside the op amp feedback loop).  Both the 4091 and the BAMP-1 PCBs are compatible with our BCAL-1 and BCAL-2 CBT Calibration Circuit PCBs, and both can have Paul Knights Constant Current Gizmo substituted for the high wattage series resistor traditionally used.

The BAMP-1 Cement Bond Tool Amplifier PCB is a drop-in replacement for the old SIE Nuvistor amplifier requiring no major modification for mounting.  It uses the dependable CA3140 op amp and the HA-5002 buffer integrated circuit (replaces the hybrid LH0002) to drive the line.  Gain setting resistor R5, damping resistor R-8 (optional), and output series resistor R-7 (necessary for simultaneous radiation logging) are turret terminal mounted for ease of selection or change on a fastened board.  The BAMP-1 PCB measures one inch wide and mounts on 5-5/8 inch centers.

The BAMP-1 Cement Bond Tool Amplifier PCB can be used to upgrade tools, or it can be used in new tool construction.  It uses readily obtainable components, which parts will continue to be available for many years to come, and it uses convenient turret terminals for wiring connections.  Due to time constraints on maintaining this website, the PCB illustrated below may not be the most recent revision of the board and / or circuit.

BAMP-1 (CBLAmp1) SIE Style Cement Bond Tool Amplifier Board

Paul Knight's 4091 SIE Style Cement Bond Tool Amplifier Mounted in SIE Receiver Cartridge

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