106PP-1 Pea Pickin' Pulse Picker PCB

The 106PP-1 Pulse Picker printed circuit board (PCB) is a pulse detector circuit intended to be installed in one discrete tool to pick the pulse of the opposite polarity off the line originating from a second discrete tool in the same tool string.  The principal application is to allow true anti-coincidence functionality where two detector tools (dual gamma-ray, gamma-ray / neutron) do not share the same pressure housing (independent connect-together dual detector tools like those made by Comprobe can thus be retrofitted to have anti-coincidence protection).  The 106PP-1 PCB utilizes a 111 / 311 comparator based discriminator circuit with optional positive feedback to provide hysteresis for noise immunity.  Pulse height discrimination is set with resistor R4 and optional positive feedback is selected with resistor R8, both turret terminal mounted for ease of selection or change on a fastened board.  The pulse polarity to be detected is jumper selectable.  The 106PP-1 PCB is jumper configurable to be compatible with either armor / chassis negative or armor / chassis positive line power.  It requires only a single 10-15 volt power supply to operate.  The 106PD-3 PCB is 0.8 inches wide and mounts on two (2) inch centers.

The 106PP-1 Pulse Picker PCB is part of the 106 Radiation Tool PCB family.  106 Radiation Tool PCBs can be used to upgrade or repair tools, or an entire electronics section can be assembled from scratch using several PCBs (as in reworking an old tube / Nuvistor tool).  All 106 Tool PCBs use readily obtainable components, which parts will continue to be available for many years to come, and all use convenient turret terminals for wiring connections.

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