106HVPS-5 High Voltage Power Supply PCB

The 106HVPS-5 High Voltage Power Supply printed circuit board (PCB) is based on an old Taylor Brothers design used in West Texas during the 1980s.  It is a very simple, versatile, and economical design using an off-the-shelf inexpensive transformer (unlike the expensive custom transformers used in every other commercial design out there).  It generates ample output for dual detector logging tools (dual gamma-ray tools, gamma-ray / neutron tools, etc.).  As shown below, it produces around 2,000 volts dc, but higher voltages are possible using the available auxiliary voltage multipliers.  It is surprisingly efficient, drawing only about one milliamp from a 10 to 15 volt supply, and one or two milliamps from the 120 volt line.  In low voltage tools, it can also be configured to operate off lower line voltages (or a secondary supply) in the 40 to 50 volt range.  The 106HVPS-5 is designed to operate with the old Corotron regulators or the new Codatron High Voltage Shunt Regulators.  The PCB is jumper configurable to be compatible with either armor / chassis negative or armor / chassis positive line power.  Frequency setting resistor R1 and pulse width setting resistor R2, as well as output series resistor R6, are turret terminal mounted for ease of selection or change on a fastened board.  The semiconductors are ordinarily mounted in high quality machine pin sockets, but can be mounted directly to the PCB if low clearance is required.  The 106HVPS-5 PCB measures 0.8 inches wide and mounts on three (3) inch centers.

The 106HVPS-5 High Voltage Power Supply PCB is part of the 106 Radiation Tool PCB family.  106 Radiation Tool PCBs can be used to upgrade or repair tools, or an entire electronics section can be assembled from scratch using several PCBs (as in reworking an old tube / Nuvistor tool).  All 106 Tool PCBs use readily obtainable components, which parts will continue to be available for many years to come, and all use convenient turret terminals for wiring connections.  We prefer through-hole components for PCBs designed to survive high temperature, but selected components may be surface mount (SMT) where price and/or availability is an issue.  Due to time constraints on maintaining this website, the PCB illustrated below may not be the most recent revision of the board and / or circuit.

106HVPS-5 High Voltage Power Supply Board

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